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Educational Furniture for Schools and Colleges

Interior Concepts manufactures green educational furniture solutions that benefit students, teachers, and administration alike. We manufacture and design computer lab furniture, modular office furniture, technology education furniture, and everything in between. We know that floor space is expensive, and maximization of that space is an integral part of making an educational facility more efficient. Whether you are renovating an existing building or working on a new construction project, our ability to design around architectural elements such as columns and utility access panels, will make the most of your space. Since educational environments are often multi-purpose spaces we’re here to help with functional and beautiful furnishings for a professional look, and our Lifetime Warranty ensures that your educational environment will look great for years to come. Contact us and we will provide complimentary space planning services with no obligation to buy.

Education Media Centers

Educational Furniture

Our green educational furniture can help to facilitate curriculums and programs, so it is critical to consider the design of computer lab furniture, instructor desks, offices, multi-purpose rooms, media centers, and reception areas. Our educational furniture can make the most of your space because we can design around often-forgotten design obstacles, and our furniture is constructed of a customizable one-inch thick thin-line panel system. We can fit more students or staff into a space than a typical office furniture provider, which is important with recent budget cuts, forcing educational facilities to do more with less.

Today green educational furniture is important. All Interior Concepts furniture is MAS Certified Green for a healthier indoor environment. MAS Certified Green means that our furniture meets the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) indoor air quality standards after rigorous product testing, and is approved as a low-emitting furniture system by compliance with the BIFMA X7.1 Furniture Emissions Standards, which addresses Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC’s), Formaldehyde, and other targeted compounds.

Classroom Tables

Traveler Mobile Desk

Interior Concepts classroom tables are versatile and accommodating giving you a multitude of options for tables in your classroom – fixed, casters, or a combination of the two. Flip-top tables are a convenient option for those that need flexibility in a room. If you need powered tables, the Connect2 power option allows use of computers or laptops without having to hardwire electrical into the room. The tables simply plug into the wall using an existing 20-amp outlet. All tables are available with the MOTION curved leg or in the t-leg REACH option. As with all furniture, our tables feature a Lifetime Warranty and can be customized by the inch, so we can fit your room better than other table lines.


Computer LabsWe offer a complete line of seating options including student task chairs, administrative seating, conference, guest, and stackable seating. A popular new mesh back chair for administrators is now available too. Our seating is offered in a variety of colors and options to complement your space. If you need chairs with casters or glides, or stools for your coffee shop, we’ve got you covered.

Furniture Accessories

Interior Concepts offers product accessories to make our furniture work better – from CPU holders, to ergonomic accessories to paper management systems, and storage. Ergonomic accessories such as adjustable keyboard trays, and task lighting can help to create a healthier environment for your students and staff, and CPU holders can help to protect computers. Designing furniture to fit your space is important and accessories are the icing on the cake to making your environment functional for your needs.

Virtual Tours

Interior Concepts can provide you not only with CAD drawings, but also a Virtual Tour, or an electronic walk-through of your space. This advanced technology can create shorter lead times, and leaves nothing to the imagination in terms of station design, color, and space utilization. The tour can also be posted on the school website to present the space to the community.

Virtual Tours

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