Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

For over 30 years we have been providing technology based curriculum, equipment and software to K-12 school districts.

Our solutions give you a head start to providing opportunities for students and teachers to develop 21st Century Skills in the context and application of the Ohio Grade Level Content Standards.

Browse through the categories below based on where your needs take you.  We are a complete solutions provider of trainers as well as lab furniture to enhance the learning environment.

We now feature webinars to help you discover the the solutions that could take your classroom to the next level, only you can view it from the comfort of your own work area. You get a tutorial of the program and speak with an expert from the manufacturing company Read on »


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According to class teacher Larry Klimkowski, the new STEM Engineering Program at Kenston Middle School is helping students become confident collaborative
learners, using the latest teaching and learning technologies.

Larry Klimkowski
Kenston Middle School