In order to provide the highest level of expertise and support we have a team of people here to work with you.

Brent Brinkerhoff, President
Jason Hoffman, Vice President
Bev Needham, Office Manager
Jill Brinkerhoff, Sales Assistant
Cary Stover, Post Secondary Specialist
Jake Hoffman, Sales Support

Address 150 Industrial Drive Lexington, Ohio  44904

Contact Numbers Phone (800) 522-0460
Fax (419) 884-1866

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We now feature webinars to help you discover the the solutions that could take your classroom to the next level, only you can view it from the comfort of your own work area. You get a tutorial of the program and speak with an expert from the manufacturing company Read on »


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HealthCenter21 provides the tools to engage students and reinforce their learning at Pickaway-Ross Career and Technology Center in south-central Ohio

Jennifer Payne
Pickaway Ross Career & Technology Center